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West Buckland International

Plans that make an impact beyond the UK, through new greenfields projects and existing site collaboration.

Our people

Introducing our team

Rob Paler

Rob Paler

Director of Education
and Global Partnerships

Phil Stapleton

Head of West
Buckland School

Paul Hevingham

Governor of West Buckland School

Jim Walker

Governor of West Buckland School

Georgie Cotton

Governor of West Buckland School

Joe Robinson

Governor of West Buckland School

Our Vision

Our vision

To combine the wealth and reassurance of tradition with an unbridled appetite to challenge itself and embrace the wonderful opportunities of the modern globalised world.

West Buckland is a successful 150 year old boarding and day school in North Devon.Our school pillars have held a durable and successful focus on; Internationalism; Character; Innovation & Technology; Sustainability & Community.

Our offer

Options and possibilities

There are various ways to be involved in our projects, and your preferred association with our school will fit under suitable West Buckland School & Curriculum Models, which you can find out more about here. For all models West Buckland Devon will provide investors and an opportunity to own a school that is:


West Buckland International will offer investors a variety of smaller school models in addition to our ability to setup and manage an all-through school based on our own very successful 150 year all- through boarding and day school.

Most start-up premium schools are offering all through schools which is for very good reason: capacity, roll and turnover. West Buckland will keenly engage with investors who are interested to develop a greenfield site to this end. Any such venture will be able to use West Buckland School (WBS) branding.

The School Nursery Model will allow for both greenfield and conversion approaches. Nurseries will be able to use West Buckland School Nursery branding.

The Sixth Form Colleges Model will allow for both greenfield and conversion approaches. Sixth Form Colleges will be able to use West Buckland Academy branding.

Our story

A powerful truth

When RF Delderfield (1926-1928) wrote to Serve Them All Our Days (first published in 1972) he wanted to write a novel that made some sense of a world experiencing the aftermath of upheaval and the waves of discontent that irresistibly crashed over apparent yet doubted certainties of the inter-war period. When educationalists look warily upon the challenges faced by a global community today it is not hard to understand the resonance of the past as we confront new expectations and ever-changing contexts in our post-modern age.


However, as we do so we realise in our own beautiful realm of rural, and some would argue bucolic tranquility, that a school such as our own has a powerful truth to offer to education worldwide. The truth is sustainability is key, character does matter and a thriving community is the vehicle through which this can be achieved – all at once using technology as a tool to ensure institutional and student competitiveness.

Our story

“A school where the sum of its parts is so much more dramatically inspiring than its individual features.”

When Phil Stapleton arrived at West Buckland in 2016 he found a school that succeeded academically where individuals achieved their own aims, but his vision was always for a school where the sum of its parts was so much more dramatically inspiring than its individual features. To develop this he brought in ‘Character Education’ before it was a trend, he focused on international education borne out of his long-held experience of the IB and also he championed innovation, inspired by his appreciation that in any successful life complacency is the silent and most dangerous enemy of progress.


This vision has led us to the realisation that the values we live and hold dear are fundamental to the success of international education more broadly. Combining an approach of simplicity and insight we can offer prospective investors and partners incredible depths of management and operational support that will solve your challenges in the same way that we have together solved our own.