Our Vision

Our vision

To combine the wealth and reassurance of tradition with an unbridled appetite to challenge itself and embrace the wonderful opportunities of the modern globalised world.

Our Vision

Our pillars


Internationalism has been at the heart of what we provide to our students for decades with links to schools in Kenya and China that have seen delivery of a unique international EPQ course to students in Changsha. Moreover, as an IB World School we are committed to the tenets of an education that is relevant the world over. With our additional expertise in the delivery of A Levels and IGCSEs we are perfectly placed to deliver a UK/hybrid education. However, we recognise in the emerging trends of international schooling identified below1 there has never been greater alignment between our values and those required by successful international schools. For this reason, we plan to open a series of schools over the next decade to bring our own time-tested and holistic approach to the lives of learners around the world.


Character values are in the very marrow of West Buckland identity. School is not simply about what you achieve it is also about what you become. At WBS our mission is to steer pupils and parents through a changing and challenging educational landscape to give them the best possible chance in a future of global fluidity. Charting a way through uncertain times requires the confidence to find solutions by thinking critically as well as creatively. We instil in our students our students with the courage to be upstanders, to act with a generous heart when making decisions, to be committed to doing what is right while caring for others and their community.

“School is not simply about
what you achieve it is also
about what you become.”

Innovation and Technology

Innovation and technology must be woven into every child’s education in a way that is complementary to the ways of life that we should all still value. While every child at West Buckland has a school supplied Microsoft Surface™ to provide confidence and engagement with emerging learning approaches there is balance to ensure that emotional intelligence, ingenuity and individuality are still at the centre of the development of and maturing young minds. In this way we are happy to combine an appreciation of the economic and educational importance of digital media and esports with involvement in sowing seeds that lead to organic food being shared amongst our community.

Sustainability & Community

What legacy assumes more significance than bequeathing a sustainable future to the generations that follow us. To this end the West Buckland School of the 21st century continues traditions of its earlier years, but in more up-to-date ways or with entirely new technologies. Our onsite animal husbandry has been replaced been replaced with organic food cultivation and wild-flower meadows. Our reliance on fossil fuels has been replaced with a solar panel field and biomass heating systems. We are rightfully proud of the green flag we have been awarded and which we truly fly which given we are located in a UNESCO biosphere and the edge of a national park is only as it should be. Our focus on community places us as a rurally located school at the heart of an area of outstanding national beauty in a geographically remote group of towns, villages, hamlets and small-holdings. We provide not only the glue for young people to congregate and learn, but also the bridge to a world beyond. Our fervent and successful ambition has always been that the young minds we have the great privilege to foster will return to this region and provide the entrepreneurship and innovation to build the local enterprise capital of the future. This is the circularity of investment that every great school which focuses on community and sustainability should provide.

To this end we will operate in conjunction with the Department of Trade and Business to explain our ethos and our strengths to interested investors who share our vision for education in the 21st century.

  • Well-being at the heart of the entire learning community
  • Technology to be embraced as a tool
  • Sustainability that is central to learning and the entire institutional ethos
  • Highly trained teachers who generate learning in students from a multitude of sources
  • Exemplars in the role of diversity, equality, inclusion and justice in every community
  • Confidence inspiring education that encourages students to contribute and lead in their adult lives

Our long-held experience, well-honed expertise and passion for opportunity led education will allow investors to own a school that is:

  • Both premium and competitive
  • Led by a hand-picked team of senior leaders and school governors
  • Staffed by predominately UK recruited staff in a process managed by West Buckland
  • Inspected and monitored by West Buckland school leaders
  • Offered leadership in the most popular and ever-increasing education model – a hybrid UK curriculum2
  • Provided a choice of day, boarding or hybrid models
  • Advised on site-planning
  • Provided student links and exchanges including university preparation courses